Tinder App Is Very Popular

Tinder, one of the most popular digital dating programs to hit the scene in a while, showed up in October of 2013. It has become so popular by its use of the single most important piece of technology in anyone’s daily routine- the smartphone.tinder-app-download-image

The app provides users with the ability to scroll through hundreds of profiles from Facebook looking for the most appealing ones. Due to its game-like user-interface, many users feel more comfortable using this app than others. It takes the edge off and relieves the nerves a little right before the big hookup. To date, users have found over 100 million matches and have rated more than seven billion profiles. Until July 15, 2013, only iPhone users could enjoy the pleasures of mobile app dating. However, starting on the 15th, Tinder will be offering an Android-friendly app, which seems fair, since Android makes up to 70 percent of smartphone markets.

Tinder announced its inclusion of an Android app by telling fans that it would launch the app as soon as it got one million requests through various social media sites. After only 800 thousand positive requests, Tinder decided to give Android fans what they were clamoring for. The set up for the Android app is comparable to that of the iPhone app and still very easy to use. With a basic interface and millions of profiles at the fingertips, billions of users have found a way to flirt on-the-go.


Since Tinder is global, people are finding matches from all parts of the world. The app serves its purpose for mutual flirting, even on a global basis.
This app is not for those that want to find a long-term relationship online. It is geared more towards 20-somethings that are just looking for some company and light entertainment.

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