The Walking Dead TV Series

twdrvAdapted by Frank Darabont patently; The Walking Dead, an American horror series was premiered on 31st October 2010. The idea for this show was taken from Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard’s popular comic series with the same title.

The Walking Dead predominantly follows Rick Grime who is a devoted police officer. He had been shot while he was on duty making him end up in a hospital. After several years when he recovered from coma and got back to his senses, what he discovered was hard to digest. He was the only human alive and the world was under supremacy of zombies. The flesh eating ones. The dead ones. The Walking Dead. Rick was unable to place out that what had happened behind him.

He began the search for his missing wife and son. He wandered and reached Atlanta where he met Glenn; another survivor. Rick headed off to a camp with Glenn where he found his wife and son as well as a group of few other survivors. They went through pain, got hurt physically as well as mentally, lost their loved ones, cried but yet did not lose hope. Their adventure continued, making each of them emerge out as a survivor.

A splendid job is done on the zombies in The Walking Dead. Soulless, dull, bloody, skin hanging, mouths chomping, and vacant eyed zombies adds to the horror of the show. They blankly stalk a human being and try to kill them. And to kill a zombie, one has to pull the trigger and insert bullet in their head. Overall the suspense sustains throughout the show making it dynamic as well as engaging.

It seemed that the makers had picked up well-judged cast but as the show progressed, most of the flaws were pointed out in the characters. Undoubtedly, the cast was amazing but somehow the coordination between them lacked. They did not give their best shots in the scenes where it was required. But in later seasons, they improved and won the hearts of their audience.

Being a horror drama hybrid, the show needs to be understood by parents. There are a lot of violent scenes involving blood, guns, dead bodies, half eaten corpses and other creepy stuff. It have few un-bleeped swearing which you may not find appropriate for your kid. Moreover sexual content is also a part of The Walking Dead which is unsuitable for children under 18.

After making into the top rankings of best television shows of 2010, The Walking Dead series progressed and improved. The suspenseful story developed and the character’s personal lives were discoursed in more detail. Their continuing efforts to survive the sprints kept the excitement and interest of the viewers alive.

It did not bore the audience at all but had amazed them in every sense. They got involved and kept on asking for more. The show has magnificently launched its four seasons and now everyone awaits for the fifth blockbuster to arrive. Check here to find the television service provider in you area that offers AMC TV.

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