This, That and the Other Thing

This is the fact that Comcast has over 300 channels of digital quality programming available all day, every day.

That is the fact that Comcast has internet connectivity with PowerBoost.

The Other Thing is the fact that Comcast offers Digital Voice telephony.

What does that mean to you? More, Faster and Cheaper.

This 300 channels offers everything you want to watch. Locals, movies, kids and family friendly programming. Enough sports to satisfy the most ardent baseball, football, hockey, racing, baseball and any other sport you can think of fan. Romance and drama to enthuse the most romantic souls out there. Mysteries and Westerns and classic movies to give each and every movie buff out there something to watch. And for those of us who want to build and learn and grow things, Comcast offers channels for us too.

That internet connectivity gives customers 6 megabits of speed standard which means that streaming video and audio is clear and jitter-free, and that the most complex websites out there load in mere seconds, regardless of the content. Since this is hundreds of times faster than dial-up ever could be, the time spent from the time you search for a topic until the time you get all the information you need, can literally be as fast as you can click the mouse. High speed internet has never been so fast and easy to use. And since its always-on, you never have to worry about waiting to connect. And since it doesn’t interfere with telephone usage, being on the phone and surfing the net isn’t a problem.

That also means Comcast gives you PowerBoost technology which means blazing fast becomes mind-numbingly fast! Not too long ago, when Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer, downloading the 25 megabyte file to install it took anywhere from 5 to 6 hours to complete. Now, when it comes time to download the Windows updates, or anti-virus updates, or even downloading large movie files, music files and software, 25 megabytes takes less than ten seconds! With PowerBoost, a CD full of information, over 600 megabytes can take less than two minutes to download.

The other thing means that you no longer have to have a telephone company. With Digital Voice, Comcast brings you unlimited calling anywhere in the United States and outlying territories, plus every call feature available for one low price. Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID. Call Waiting with Caller ID, and even Call Blocking are all a part of the package, and more as well. More calling features and even voice mail are “standard equipment”, all included in the one low price.
Speaking of equipment, installation is totally hassle-free. Technicians come out and take care of everything, and even if they don’t need to, installation is as simple as connecting a couple of wires, and you’re done.

With the great services Comcast has to offer, why go anywhere else? One bill covers everything from all the TV you could ever want to watch, high speed internet second to none, and no more phone company or long distance company means one check covers This, That AND The Other Thing.

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I Wish There Was Something To Watch On TV

If you were born after about 1985, odds are you’ve never really had that problem. As of about that year, cable TV has become prolific enough to where you’ve never been without it. But before 1985 or so? If you were really lucky, you could get 4 channels. ABC, NBC, CBS and maybe PBS. And if the President were on giving the State of the Union address, there wasn’t anything on you could watch but him.

However, in the early 1970’s, cable TV was born, and continued to grow and progress until today, virtually every home in America has access to cable. This has ushered in dozens of channels on every genre of interest, from romance and drama, kids and family programming, sports, music, education and lifestyle interests, and even movies and special events all have channels dedicated specifically to those interests.

Comcast has the best of the best of all of these. Over 300 channels available to customers to satisfy any TV need is as easy to access as mashing the buttons on a remote. If someone wants to watch a music video, all they have to do is flip to MTV or CMT. Want the latest and greatest scores and sports events? Change the channel to one of the ESPN channels, or to FOX sports. Need pointers on your tennis game or golf? Not a problem, just mash a few buttons, and you’re watching the Tennis channel or the Golf channel.

And when the kids are home, dozens of channels are right there for their enjoyment and continued education. Noggin, Toon Disney, Disney Family, Nickelodeon and other channels are mere clicks away with the remote. And for the dedicated soap fiend, not only can you access all your locals for your favorite soaps, but with SoapNet, you get to watch them again, or catch up on them over the weekends, or even watch some of the fantastic soap opera/dramas from the 80s’ and 90s’.

Lots of people really enjoy movies. So, for those, not only do you have access to the “old standards” like HBO, Cinemax and Showtime, but all the new channels as well. HBO Family and Latino, Showtime Extreme, ActionMax are just a few of them, plus all the other channels they’ve come up with including the Encore family of channels, Mystery and Western to add even more enjoyment to the line-up.

Now, there are times when it simply isn’t possible to watch the action on the screen. Specifically for those times, there are a whole block of channels of CD quality music available covering every genre imaginable. From opera to jazz, heavy metal to top forty, every music lover has a channel available to enjoy.
From the time TV was introduced, people have continually said “I wish there was something on TV”. and thanks to Comcast, and the fantastic line up of channels they have available for customers, there IS always something worth watching on TV.

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