Saturday Night Live Timeline

Saturday Night Live Timeline
Saturday Night Live Timeline
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Who doesn’t love Saturday Night Live? SNL has been around for more than three decades and is still just as funny and controversial as ever. Check out this Saturday Night Live Timeline and remember some of your favorite moments!

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Terrific Comcast Bundled Cable TV Packages In Seattle WA

Comcast Packages in Seattle, Washington, offer relentless competition when compared to other home service packages. Whether you get one, two, or every one of Comcast Package’s available home services, your monthly bill will be lower than any other company and everyone in your household will have the best access to the best services in the world. Including Digital TV with HD, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice, Comcast Packages never fail customers no matter how big or small your budget may be!

With more programming tools to enhance the accessibility of Digital TV with HD, households utilizing this service never have disputes over who gets to watch what and when.  On Demand has thousands of movies, shows, and many other programs available instantly.  With tons of HD selections the supreme realistic quality is not sacrificed for convenience!

A DVR is extremely helpful for complete programming control, letting you sit in the driver’s seat of your very own 24/7 programming schedule filled with YOUR favorite television every day.

Online Programming is now offered in Seattle, letting anybody watch any channel you typically get on live TV on any computer. This is like instantly increasing the number of televisions you have at home, and they are portable!

High-Speed Internet is ridiculously fast when compared to any other home internet service thanks to more broadband included than ever before.

This service is perfect for doing what you need to online, which is more than it has ever been before with the web intricately involved in finding work, actual jobs, contacting friends and family, general information gathering, and the world’s best entertainment.

Surf, stream, HD stream, video chat, communicate, downloading, and do so much more with High-Speed Internet with instantaneous accessibility without worrying about getting viruses and dealing with other online threats.  Comcast XFINITY Internet Service in Seattle Washington includes a free yet advanced security package worth many hundreds of dollars.  Never worry about losing hundreds or thousands of dollars on taking your computer into the shop or having valuable information and data eliminated because of viruses ever again.

Tons of extra features complement High-Speed Internet’s already impressive service with personal email accounts, homepages, and even access to exciting entertainment websites that normally cost lots of money to enter.

You even get such a large allocation of broadband that nobody has to suffer getting online and overloading the system to slow everyone down.  Instead at least four people can be online at faster velocities than 20 Mbps, way quicker than DSL, at any time of the day or night!

No restrictions will plague your home phone calls when you transition to Digital Voice.  Easier than ever, with Digital Voice you can keep your old number, you do not have to buy additional equipment, and you will enjoy over ten useful calling features. Digital Voice’s unlimited plan provides nationwide calling 24/7!

Enjoy a simple ordering process by getting a Comcast Cable TV Promo for Seattle online today in only minutes! Without talking with pushy salespeople you can find the right package for your financial and practical needs extra-quick without spending more money than you want to.

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Doing business the right way – the Dish Network Way

Everybody knows it: we live in tough economic times. Once rock-solid businesses are going bankrupt or cutting staff and services in order to stay afloat. But in the highly competitive telecommunications industry, one company continues to thrive and grow. That business is Dish Network Satellite TV. With a customer base of over 13 million satisfied customers, what is it that makes Dish TV stand out from its competitors?

Three pillars of business success are customer service, high quality and low prices and Dishnet has them all. When you consider the fact that Dish TV offers far more HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition) program options than any of its cable or Satellite TV competitors at much lower prices, you’ll wonder how they can do it. The answer is simple. They know that satisfied customers are long-term customers and customer satisfaction is DishTV’s number one priority. While their competitors charge a fee for system upgrades like HDTV, Dish Network literally gives it away. And then they throw in regular specials and promotions just to sweeten the deal for their customers. Click here for more information on Dish Network Satellite TV.

An essential ingredient of customer service is giving the customer what they want. At Dishnet, they believe in giving the customer more than they want or could even dream of having. The baseline program package at Dish is their Classic Bronze Pak’s 100-plus SD channels. That’s already more than most other television service providers offer in their far more expensive top-of-the range deals.

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Searching For the Best Comcast Deals?

Learn just about anything and everything, entertain yourself to the max, or get a bundle of work done as quickly as possible with Comcast Package Deals. This amazing service offers Digital TV in HD, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice in a variety of packages so you get just what you want for the price you want. These services offer the best technologies and ensure that no matter how busy your schedule may be you can always watch, listen, or surf whenever you want. The current Comcast Deals for new and existing customers will make you smile! Visit for additional information.

Stop wasting your time with Digital TV in HD. Rather than plow through hours of commercials every week you can simplify your ability to ignore them with a free DVR! Letting you stop, pause, rewind, fast forward, and record live television, not to mention make slow motion replay, this amazing tool puts TV control into your hands. Simple to manipulate, record multiple hours of the best TV that is right for you and your family and sit back whenever you want to enjoy. Click here to check out the Best Comcast Cable Prices right now!

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Kicking off the Week On The View

The View starts off the week with the hottest topics on TV as they talk about surprise weekend weddings of celebrities and zero in on the subject of a mom who choked the boy that had been bullying her daughter. Then they moved on to which A-list hunk Bill Clinton will want to play him on the screen.

Angie Harmon then offered a sneak peak at the premiere of Rizzoli and Isles, her hit show, and then told which superhero she wants to play in order to join the team of the Avengers.

Guest Beth Stern made a visit as she shared her idea on starting a family with hubby, Howard Stern. The ladies could not resist asking if she ever had a problem with his off-color and sometimes x-rated pranks and gestures.

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The Best in Home Entertainment – The Comcast Way

Treat yourself to something that can help to give you the peace of mind that you deserve in this busy twenty first century. You deserve amazing home services to make your life easier, and Comcast can give you exactly that. Comcast offers you all of the home services that you could ever need, including Comcast Digital TV, Comcast High Speed Internet, and Comcast Digital Voice.

With Comcast Digital TV, you can make every night into a fun night filled with entertainment, laughter, and excitement. There is something for all walks of life with programming from Comcast Digital TV. Check out fun and educational children’s television shows, as well as educational shows for adults.

Watch your favorite prime time shows, sports games, talk shows, reality shows, movies, and so much more in digital or in HD technology. Comcast Digital TV in HD, or high definition, offers stunning realistic pictures like never before. You can feel like you are a part of what is happening on the screen with vivid colors, amazing clarity, and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.

Pick and choose from and almost endless variety of channel options, so that you never have to be bored a day in your life again. You can even watch shows in exciting 3D with Comcast Digital TV in 3D Free of additional cost when you order Comcast Digital TV in HD. See all of the best Comcast Cable Offershere!

Catch all of the latest sports with amazing sports options such as ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and more great sports channel options that you will love. If you are a true sports lover, you need to sign up for a sports package that will keep you in the loop all year long. Great sports packages include NFL RedZone, ESPN Full Court, ESPN Game Plan, NHL Center Ice, and many more.

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West Palm Beach, FL Comcast Cable Plans

Comcast Cable Services in West Palm Beach, Florida will expose your entire household to entire new worlds of possibility. When it comes to entertainment and communication, nothing does it better than the advanced abilities of Comcast High-Speed Internet, Comcast Digital TV in HD, and Comcast Digital Voice.  Offered in a variety of packaged deals or completely separately, you can find the perfect combination of these home services to suite your financial and practical home service needs.

With West Palm Beach, FL Comcast High-Speed Internet you get to enjoy the most exceptionally fast online speeds that have ever graced the online market.  The web is perfect for educating yourself with a variety of sources about anything and everything, communication with people you know and those you do not from around the world with video chats, and having the time of your life discovering media resources and fun games among other things.

Get the most out of the internet with the fastest speeds from High-Speed Internet so that you can do all of this and more instantaneously.  Incorporated is a free acceleration of downloading speeds so your movies, files, music, and other downloads finish without you waiting long.

Packed with features, Comcast High Speed Internet lets you surf throughout your house with super-strong wireless and even lets many people surf at the same time.  Enjoy peace-of-mind with the best Comprehensive Security Suite on every computer in the house while you stream videos in HD, do your online banking, go shopping, and do anything else!
Enhancing your ability to educate and entertain yourself regularly and when you want is

Comcast Digital TV in HD.  The lifelike quality of High Definition will have you glued to your favorite shows, movies, and sporting events like never before.  The entire household will be pining to get piece of the action!

Luckily West Palm Beach, Florida Digital TV in HD comes with a plethora of programming tools so that everyone can get a piece of their favorite television action!  These include On Demand, Pay-Per-View, Online Programming, and a DVR so that you can easily record everything you want to on live TV to watch later.

Comcast Digital Voice has enough calling features to make sure that your home phone is the most personable, usable, and easy phone to have.  With things like call return, call block, call forwarding, anonymous call rejection, caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling, speed dial, and many others you never have to worry about unwanted interruptions at home or missing calls you have been waiting for.

With the best nationwide calling plan that charges no overage fees your entire house can enjoy making endless calls to anywhere in the U.S. and its territories!  Stop getting on your kids’ backs about talking too much on the phone and enjoy relaxing more!

Households across the nation are beginning to realize the benefits of Comcast Cable Services.  With online bill payment options to add additional ease to your life and such a variety of abilities incorporated, why not switch to Comcast Cable Services in West Palm Beach, Florida?  Cheaper than your average packaged deals, order online today and start saving. Check out this site for additional information on Comcast Deals in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Lindsay Lohan’s New Movie

Lindsay Lohan first caught the public’s attention as a child star in the movie “Parent Trap” at the tender age of eleven in 1998. She stayed in the spot light with the lead roles for “Mean Girls”, “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”, “Freaky Friday”, and later, “Herbie: Fully Loaded”.  However, in 2007, she was also followed in the media for two DUIs.

Her trouble with drugs and alcohol reportedly began showing in 2006, when she began to arrive late to the set, or not show up at all. This led to AA meetings and visits to rehabilitation centers on an out-treatment basis, but she was later arrested and found guilty for the DUIs. This, with other run-ins with the law, resulted in supervised probation. According to news sources, this probation was repeatedly extended due to missed court ordered appearances, failed drug tests and reports in the media of hard core drug and alcohol use. Since the convictions, Lohan has played in other small parts, but the focus for her and the media seem to have remained centered more on her legal problems than her ability to act. And, still more recently, Lohan has been in the spotlight for what some considered to be drastic plastic surgery.

Now, fourteen years after her career began, Lohan seems to be getting back on track. As of Thursday, March 29, 2012, Lindsay Lohan is officially off of supervised probation. Judge Sautner, the supervising judge stated that Lohan had complied completely with all the court had asked her to do, including community service and psychotherapy. The judge’s parting words were to tell Lohan to grow up and to stop clubbing. Lohan thanked the judge for helping her change her life and being fair. Lohan was photographed with a smile on her face as she left the court house.

While the supervised part of her probation has ended, Lohan still has unsupervised probation until the year 2014. However, this part of her probation allows her to move someplace other than Los Angeles, if she chooses, and saves her from having to appear for regularly scheduled court visits.

Lohan seems to be taking her second chance seriously. She has already started to breath new life into her acting career by hosting Saturday Night Live and guest starring in “Glee”. More recently, she landed the leading role in an upcoming movie about Elizabeth Taylor. She said she is very excited about this role, because there are similarities between Taylor’s life and hers that she can relate to. The movie about Elizabeth Taylor will be made-for-TV and will air on Lifetime. Working titles for the movie have been reported as “Liz and Dick” or “Elizabeth and Richard: A Love Story“.

When she was interviewed by TMZ, she stated that she felt a large burden had been lifted from her shoulders. She went on to say that she wants to put more focus on her acting career now.

This is good news for the Lohan fans that have missed her presence on the screen.  Watch Lindsay Lohan on Lifetime after your order your Special Comcast Cable TV Bundle.

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“American Idol” And “The Big Bang Theory” Compete For Ratings

When its time to pick the favorites for the household, it can be a hard choice, especially when two shows are airing at the same time. Fox and CBS seem to be sharing a competitive spirit with “American Idol” and “The Big Bang Theory”. Fans, of course, don’t care about the ratings like the networks do. They just want to watch what they love. Tonight, viewers have the opportunity to watch two of the most watched programs on TV.

Viewers can get their fix for “American Idol” and “The Big Bang Theory” tonight. “American Idol” can be viewed on Fox, and “The Big Bang Theory” can be seen on CBS.

On tonight’s episode of “American Idol”, the Top 13 will drop to the Top 12 as judges and viewers determine the contestant that gets voted off. The show is live, adding to the stress of the situation for “American Idol” finalists.

“American Idol” has enjoyed a hike in ratings in the last week, climbing to 18.5 million viewers. This is up from the 18.45 million viewers reported in the last week of February into the first week of March, 2012. The adults in the 18-49 category has increased to 5.6, giving the show a 7 to 12 percent advantage over it’s competitors.

Highlights for last night’s show included performances by Jessica Sanchez, who sang Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”, and Phillip Phillips, who sang “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. Judges had high praise for both of them, so they are sure to fall into the “safe” category.

CBS is showing a new episode for “The Big Bang Theory”. Tonight’s episode, ’The Weekend Vortex’ has Sheldon spending the weekend with the guys, playing video games, instead of going to the birthday party being held for Amy’s aunt.

While “American Idol” is currently dominating the ratings chart, “The Big Bang Theory” has enjoyed some success, as well. The episode that aired on February 24, 2012 actually beat American Idol’s ratings for the week.

“The Big Bang Theory” averages about 11.11 million viewers on an average Thursday night. For the February 24th episode, it outranked “American Idol” for the fifth week in a row, making it the most-watched program on Thursday nights for that time slot. With more ratings, it was also the highest-rated program for that slot. February 24, 2012 aired “The Werewolf Transformation”, with more than 16.1 million viewers, giving it a jump in ratings of 460,000 viewers from the previous week.

That 460,000 viewers gave the show a spike of 2 percent from the week before, and a competitive edge over American Idol. The ratings were categorized between those that fall into the 18-49 demographics, with the 25-54 age range and the 18-34 age group.

While networks are competing for the top spot, viewers just want to know who got saved on “American Idol” or how it works out for Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory”. Starting at 8:00 pm tonight, they will be able to find out.

No matter which show you prefer to watch, a Discount Comcast Cable Television Package is the best way to get brilliant Digital Cable TV for the optimal television viewing experience.

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