Doing business the right way – the Dish Network Way

Everybody knows it: we live in tough economic times. Once rock-solid businesses are going bankrupt or cutting staff and services in order to stay afloat. But in the highly competitive telecommunications industry, one company continues to thrive and grow. That business is Dish Network Satellite TV. With a customer base of over 13 million satisfied customers, what is it that makes Dish TV stand out from its competitors?

Three pillars of business success are customer service, high quality and low prices and Dishnet has them all. When you consider the fact that Dish TV offers far more HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition) program options than any of its cable or Satellite TV competitors at much lower prices, you’ll wonder how they can do it. The answer is simple. They know that satisfied customers are long-term customers and customer satisfaction is DishTV’s number one priority. While their competitors charge a fee for system upgrades like HDTV, Dish Network literally gives it away. And then they throw in regular specials and promotions just to sweeten the deal for their customers. Click here for more information on Dish Network Satellite TV.

An essential ingredient of customer service is giving the customer what they want. At Dishnet, they believe in giving the customer more than they want or could even dream of having. The baseline program package at Dish is their Classic Bronze Pak’s 100-plus SD channels. That’s already more than most other television service providers offer in their far more expensive top-of-the range deals.

Most of us these days are looking for a home entertainment package that includes at least some High Definition Television offerings. DishTV has got that covered as well, from the Classic Bronze 100 with BronzeHD (100 SD channels plus 40 HD channels) all the way up to the Classic Gold 250 with GoldHD Pak.

Dish Network Satellite TV also gives you the option of subscribing to the America’s Everything package. This one includes America’s Top 180 Pak plus entertainment packages from Home Box Office, Cinemax, STARZ and Showtime. That comes to a grand total of 210 TV channels and is the option of choice for those who love movies from all genres and eras.

Not only does Dishnet offer more HDTV options than any of the others, they offer their exclusive TurboHD for even better picture and sound quality. TurboHD makes use of a special streaming code that sends more data faster than was ever before imaginable to your satellite receiver. With incredibly high resolution and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound, Turbo HD is just one more example of how Dishnet Satellite TV goes that extra mile in customer service.

The Digital Video Recorder – DVR – is rapidly replacing the old-fashioned VCR and DVDR as a video record and playback device. DVR’s have done for video what MP3 players did for music, providing far larger storage capacity (up to 200 hours and expandable!) and convenience for the user. What a DVR does is record video directly off the satellite signal and store it directly onto a memory chip so that it can be played back at your convenience. Most cable and satellite service providers now offer DVR’s as an expensive option, but Dishnet includes a DVR for free in standard packages and the even more advanced HD DVR in all their HD packages. Why do they do this? Once again, it comes down to Dishnet’s business model: give the customer the best service and the best technology at the best possible price and they will remain loyal long-term customers. Dish Network takes the long view, while the others look for short term gain at the customers’ expense.

When you look at all the current Dishnet deals, specials and promotions – promotions that include valuable rebates and gifts – you’ll wonder how they can do it and stay in business. It’s because they want your business and they want to keep your business. Some Dishnet specials expire after six months, others after a year, but even after those specials expire, Dishnetwork’s regular prices remain far lower than the competition’s “discount” prices! Not only that, but they include more features, more program options and more advanced technology!

With all that Dish Network has to offer, you would be crazy not to take them up on their current deals. Do so and in a small way you will also be helping the nation’s economy recover by supporting a company that does business the right way – the Dishnet way!

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