AT&T U-verse Home Phone

Now a days you are subject to get laughed at if you have a landline. The days of home phones seem to be close to over. But when I was searching for an Internet and cable service a couple months ago and came across these deals with AT&T U-verse Bundles. I couldn’t pass up this offer. The bundle came with Internet, TV, and a Home Phone line for around $80 per month. I didn’t need a home phone but it came a long with the deal, so why not?at&t-lilly

I’ve actually come to discover that it’s a great significance having a home phone line again! I use the pay-as-you-go payment plan for cell phone service and there have been many times when I have run out of minutes and didn’t have the funds or ability to get more minutes. When this happens I know that if my friends, family, or work really need to get in touch with me that they have the ability to do so.  Also, if I lose or misplace my cell phone I always know that I have a back up way of communicating with those that I need to communicate with over the phone.

It’s also a great thing to have an alternate phone line to your cell phone incase you feel like keeping your cell phone number more discreet. For example, I work at a BBQ restaurant where they give out a phone list to every employee so if someone needs a shift covered they can contact each other and handle it without the manager having to do so themselves. I have had experiences where certain employees have used my number for purposes not related to work. Now, I provide my home phone line as my number for the phone sheet so that I can avoid text messages from certain employees.


Having a home phone line again has been much more beneficial than I ever would have anticipated.


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Tinder App Is Very Popular

Tinder, one of the most popular digital dating programs to hit the scene in a while, showed up in October of 2013. It has become so popular by its use of the single most important piece of technology in anyone’s daily routine- the smartphone.tinder-app-download-image

The app provides users with the ability to scroll through hundreds of profiles from Facebook looking for the most appealing ones. Due to its game-like user-interface, many users feel more comfortable using this app than others. It takes the edge off and relieves the nerves a little right before the big hookup. To date, users have found over 100 million matches and have rated more than seven billion profiles. Until July 15, 2013, only iPhone users could enjoy the pleasures of mobile app dating. However, starting on the 15th, Tinder will be offering an Android-friendly app, which seems fair, since Android makes up to 70 percent of smartphone markets.

Tinder announced its inclusion of an Android app by telling fans that it would launch the app as soon as it got one million requests through various social media sites. After only 800 thousand positive requests, Tinder decided to give Android fans what they were clamoring for. The set up for the Android app is comparable to that of the iPhone app and still very easy to use. With a basic interface and millions of profiles at the fingertips, billions of users have found a way to flirt on-the-go.


Since Tinder is global, people are finding matches from all parts of the world. The app serves its purpose for mutual flirting, even on a global basis.
This app is not for those that want to find a long-term relationship online. It is geared more towards 20-somethings that are just looking for some company and light entertainment.

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Protect Your Facebook Account

After a quick look at the privacy settings on Facebook it is easy to get confused or discouraged and quit before you start. Don’t give up. Follow this how-to on putting your account’s privacy settings where you want them.facebook-bulge

First, look on the right hand side of the upper part of the screen, where the picture of the gear is. It is a round icon with a hole in the middle of it. Click on it. It will give you access to the “General Account Settings” where you can choose an email you don’t use for other accounts, like your banking accounts, for example. You can also choose a new password if you haven’t changed yours in a while.

Second, on the left hand side of the page, click the link for “Security”. Enable “Secure Browsing”. This makes sure your account is private and not open for viewing by the public. Enable “Login Notifications” because it provides you with a clear picture on who is accessing your account and the location the person is accessing it from. Also, enable “Login Approvals” to make sure that you get a code through text when someone tries to sign into your account using an unfamiliar device. You will also have the chance to close any sessions you don’t recognize as yours.

Thirdly, go back to the left hand side of the page and click the “Privacy” link. You should set the “Who can see my stuff” setting to “Friends” and look through the “Review all your posts and things you’re tagged in” section. Under the “Who can look me up?” section, select “Friends” and choose “Off” for the “Do you want other search engines to link to your timeline?” section.


With these easy steps, you can protect your personal information and Facebook account.

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Saturday Night Live Timeline

Saturday Night Live Timeline
Saturday Night Live Timeline
Click image to see the larger version.

Who doesn’t love Saturday Night Live? SNL has been around for more than three decades and is still just as funny and controversial as ever. Check out this Saturday Night Live Timeline and remember some of your favorite moments!

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Terrific Comcast Bundled Cable TV Packages In Seattle WA

Comcast Packages in Seattle, Washington, offer relentless competition when compared to other home service packages. Whether you get one, two, or every one of Comcast Package’s available home services, your monthly bill will be lower than any other company and everyone in your household will have the best access to the best services in the world. Including Digital TV with HD, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice, Comcast Packages never fail customers no matter how big or small your budget may be!

With more programming tools to enhance the accessibility of Digital TV with HD, households utilizing this service never have disputes over who gets to watch what and when.  On Demand has thousands of movies, shows, and many other programs available instantly.  With tons of HD selections the supreme realistic quality is not sacrificed for convenience!

A DVR is extremely helpful for complete programming control, letting you sit in the driver’s seat of your very own 24/7 programming schedule filled with YOUR favorite television every day.

Online Programming is now offered in Seattle, letting anybody watch any channel you typically get on live TV on any computer. This is like instantly increasing the number of televisions you have at home, and they are portable!

High-Speed Internet is ridiculously fast when compared to any other home internet service thanks to more broadband included than ever before.

This service is perfect for doing what you need to online, which is more than it has ever been before with the web intricately involved in finding work, actual jobs, contacting friends and family, general information gathering, and the world’s best entertainment.

Surf, stream, HD stream, video chat, communicate, downloading, and do so much more with High-Speed Internet with instantaneous accessibility without worrying about getting viruses and dealing with other online threats.  Comcast XFINITY Internet Service in Seattle Washington includes a free yet advanced security package worth many hundreds of dollars.  Never worry about losing hundreds or thousands of dollars on taking your computer into the shop or having valuable information and data eliminated because of viruses ever again.

Tons of extra features complement High-Speed Internet’s already impressive service with personal email accounts, homepages, and even access to exciting entertainment websites that normally cost lots of money to enter.

You even get such a large allocation of broadband that nobody has to suffer getting online and overloading the system to slow everyone down.  Instead at least four people can be online at faster velocities than 20 Mbps, way quicker than DSL, at any time of the day or night!

No restrictions will plague your home phone calls when you transition to Digital Voice.  Easier than ever, with Digital Voice you can keep your old number, you do not have to buy additional equipment, and you will enjoy over ten useful calling features. Digital Voice’s unlimited plan provides nationwide calling 24/7!

Enjoy a simple ordering process by getting a Comcast Cable TV Promo for Seattle online today in only minutes! Without talking with pushy salespeople you can find the right package for your financial and practical needs extra-quick without spending more money than you want to.

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Doing business the right way – the Dish Network Way

Everybody knows it: we live in tough economic times. Once rock-solid businesses are going bankrupt or cutting staff and services in order to stay afloat. But in the highly competitive telecommunications industry, one company continues to thrive and grow. That business is Dish Network Satellite TV. With a customer base of over 13 million satisfied customers, what is it that makes Dish TV stand out from its competitors?

Three pillars of business success are customer service, high quality and low prices and Dishnet has them all. When you consider the fact that Dish TV offers far more HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition) program options than any of its cable or Satellite TV competitors at much lower prices, you’ll wonder how they can do it. The answer is simple. They know that satisfied customers are long-term customers and customer satisfaction is DishTV’s number one priority. While their competitors charge a fee for system upgrades like HDTV, Dish Network literally gives it away. And then they throw in regular specials and promotions just to sweeten the deal for their customers. Click here for more information on Dish Network Satellite TV.

An essential ingredient of customer service is giving the customer what they want. At Dishnet, they believe in giving the customer more than they want or could even dream of having. The baseline program package at Dish is their Classic Bronze Pak’s 100-plus SD channels. That’s already more than most other television service providers offer in their far more expensive top-of-the range deals.

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Searching For the Best Comcast Deals?

Learn just about anything and everything, entertain yourself to the max, or get a bundle of work done as quickly as possible with Comcast Package Deals. This amazing service offers Digital TV in HD, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice in a variety of packages so you get just what you want for the price you want. These services offer the best technologies and ensure that no matter how busy your schedule may be you can always watch, listen, or surf whenever you want. The current Comcast Deals for new and existing customers will make you smile! Visit for additional information.

Stop wasting your time with Digital TV in HD. Rather than plow through hours of commercials every week you can simplify your ability to ignore them with a free DVR! Letting you stop, pause, rewind, fast forward, and record live television, not to mention make slow motion replay, this amazing tool puts TV control into your hands. Simple to manipulate, record multiple hours of the best TV that is right for you and your family and sit back whenever you want to enjoy. Click here to check out the Best Comcast Cable Prices right now!

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