AT&T U-verse Home Phone

Now a days you are subject to get laughed at if you have a landline. The days of home phones seem to be close to over. But when I was searching for an Internet and cable service a couple months ago and came across these deals with AT&T U-verse Bundles. I couldn’t pass up this offer. The bundle came with Internet, TV, and a Home Phone line for around $80 per month. I didn’t need a home phone but it came a long with the deal, so why not?at&t-lilly

I’ve actually come to discover that it’s a great significance having a home phone line again! I use the pay-as-you-go payment plan for cell phone service and there have been many times when I have run out of minutes and didn’t have the funds or ability to get more minutes. When this happens I know that if my friends, family, or work really need to get in touch with me that they have the ability to do so.  Also, if I lose or misplace my cell phone I always know that I have a back up way of communicating with those that I need to communicate with over the phone.

It’s also a great thing to have an alternate phone line to your cell phone incase you feel like keeping your cell phone number more discreet. For example, I work at a BBQ restaurant where they give out a phone list to every employee so if someone needs a shift covered they can contact each other and handle it without the manager having to do so themselves. I have had experiences where certain employees have used my number for purposes not related to work. Now, I provide my home phone line as my number for the phone sheet so that I can avoid text messages from certain employees.


Having a home phone line again has been much more beneficial than I ever would have anticipated.


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